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Audiotermes® in channel Cuatro

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Audiotermes® is a patented electronic instrument, developed on the basis of our experience and with our own technology, which is marketed apart from our services.

  • It is an instrument elaborated to detect the sounds in all kinds of wooden elements: beams, frames, parquets, furniture, etc. Its function is to locate the sounds produced by different xylophagous insects (woodworms, termites, longhorn beetles, etc.).

  • Its great sensibility allows a quick and precise inspection which requires few observation points.

    A posibility to record the sounds detected by means of a conventional audio outlet for any kind of recording device of the market or with the sound inlet of PC makes of Audiotermes a very useful and efficient tool.



Audiotermes® consists of:


Accessories for Audiotermes®:

  • Sound box
  • Auditory sensor
  • Cable for a sensor
  • Audio outlet RCA
  • Cable for audio connection
  • Cable for recorder/PC connection
  • Hi-Fi headphones



  • Hand-free cover
  • Briefcase.
  • Hi-Fi Sennheizer headphones

Helpest21 offers a maintenance service of AUDIOTERMES®.


Real recordings:


• Long horn beetle, Hylotrupes bajulus, feeds on pine wood.

• Dry wood termite, genus Kalotermes, feeds on pine wood.

• Subterranean termite, genus Reticulitermes, feeds on black poplar wood.

• Dry wood termite, Criptotermes brevis, feeds on black poplar wood.

• Subterranean termite, genus Reticulitermes, feeds on pine wood, a sound recording done in laboratory termite mound.

The sound recordings have not been touched up nor screened.

It functions with 9V square batteries
Low-weight instrument (approximately 220 g)
Easily used and transported
One-year guarantee


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